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Copywriter and Content Marketing Strategist
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My happy clients can vouch that I deliver solid written work and bend over backwards to provide them with outstanding service. I have a history of delivering what I promise and then some. Want to see more testimonials like these? You can find them in the Recommendations Section of my LinkedIn profile.

Client Testimonials

"Your subject line increased my open rate by 1% and doubled my click through rate. Great Job! Even my CEO paid it a compliment." Susan Andrus, Marketing Manager, McElroy Translation / Chair AMA SIG, Austin, TX

"John is a fantastic resource for small business blog content. He is fantastic to work with and creates high-quality content in a timely manner!" Allie Fryrear, Social Media and Content Manager, Hatchbuck Software

"Time and time again John proves to be a reliable resource for compelling marketing communication copy. No matter the project, he commits tremendous time and energy into producing a quality product. Not only that, he does not quit until his clients are 100% satisfied. John is my go-to for all my copywriting projects!" Ashton Teal, Social Media Consultant, Strategist, PR & Marketing Professional

"I collaborated with John for website content for a B2B client. John delivered phenomenal copy, that far exceeded what I had envisioned for the project. With little guidance, John was able to take the background information on the client and turn it into wonderful, compelling copy. All in the same week. I'm certainly going to be looking to work with John on future projects!" Wes Mills, Business Intelligence Specialist, Rackspace

"Succinctly put, John is a great copywriter and an agile business resource for any business." Brett Smith, Agency Founder and CEO, HiP B2B

"Ive had the absolute pleasure of working directly with John. He's a valuable contributor and community member of Relevance. His foward thinking and prepensity to share those thoughts through his written word is masterful. His thought leadership around many marketing topics is top-flight. Find a way to work with him and be better for it." Chad Pollitt, Co-Founder, Relevance

"I love how John takes the ideas my staff and I give him and turns them into great written content. He has a flair for taking the features of a software product and turning them into very desirable benefits. He is also a pleasure to work with and consistently submits finished projects well ahead of schedule!" Nancy Medica, Communication & Marketing Manager, Making Sense Software

"I can always tell that you really give your ideas a lot of thought and consideration. It's such a pleasure to receive your content. I look forward to reading your next article soon." Danielle Look, Content Coordinator,

"John's content is delicious, I absolutely love it! I host roundtables for the Austin AMA. When John's talents are utilized in reconstructing my bullet-point event descriptions into a tale of career enhancing experiences and wonderments for email distributions, we experience significant increases in response rates." Susan Andrus, Marketing Manager, McElroy Translation / Chair AMA SIG, Austin, TX

"John was a valuable asset when it came time to rewrite our website. I would recommend him." Joe Cerney, President, JMC Technologies, Inc., College Station, TX

"As an established PR professional, I know a number of very fine copywriters. I have chosen to use John Rugh for all of my marketing projects. In additional to his considerable copywriting skill and business acumen, John is a pleasure to work with and is dedicated to helping his clients succeed. I highly recommend you contact him when you need first-rate marketing collateral." Dave Manzer, Dave Manzer Create Relations / Founder PR Over Coffee, Austin, TX

"Thank Goodness for John! As the email copywriter and content specialist for the Austin Chapter of the American Marketing Association, John has increased our open rates, readership and ultimately our event attendance. His writing is crisp, informative, interesting, and fun." Melanie Brenneman, Vice President, Communication, Austin, TX Chapter of the American Marketing Association

"John Rugh is a fabulous copywriter. Each time I've asked John for help he has show up with everything he's got and done a great job in a very timely fashion. It is my pleasure to recommend him." Mitch Stephen, Author, MY LIFE & 1,000 HOUSES, San Antonio, TX

"John, this is a very powerful and well-written letter!...Thank you; you're a great writer!" Mindy Gomillion, Executive Director, BookSpring, Austin, TX

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