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B2B Technology Companies win leads and drive sales

Are you a B2B tech company founder, CEO, CMO or Marketing Director?


If so, you are confronted with some daunting challenges: You have to stand out in your crowded marketplace - to grab and keep the attention of your target audience and to convert as many leads as possible into enthusiastic customers who happily buy from you again and again.

I can help you not only meet these challenges, but to thrive despite them. I am a copywriter and content marketing specialist who is laser-focused on producing engaging, memorable, persuasive lead generation copy and content for B2B technology companies like yours.

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"I have worked with John for several years on multiple projects. His work on my biography and Wikipedia article are genius. John is a master of the use of language. He produces a product that anyone cause use with confidence and pride. John's work and character reveal an integrity that stands out." Bruce Turkel, CEO and ECD Turkel Brands

"John is an incredibly skilled and dedicated copywriter. John can turn some of the most mundane content into an engaging and interesting work of art. He consistently produces content above and beyond our expectation and always in a timely manner. His expertise and dedication have proven to be a valuable asset to our team and I would highly recommend him!" Jory Hutchins, VP Operations at HiP B2B

"In a world filled with B and C players, it's not often you connect with an A player that takes not only your prode in the work that he produces, but ownership as well. John works as if he was part of your organization to produce high quality written content in a timely fashion, delivering outstanding customer service. I have given him numerous projects for varying clients, with equally different deliverables. John Came through with great work product every time." Nick Cavalancia, Tech Evangelist & CEO of Conversational Geek

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