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Are you a company marketing director, marketing consultant or agency creative director  who gets the critical importance of the right content to your marketing success?

Are you looking to attract readers to you like slivers of iron to a powerful magnet?

Do you want more sales and a higher ROI?

Read on then; this message is for you.

My name is John Rugh. As a copywriter and content marketing specialist, I’m committed to two things:

  • crafting outstanding content and copy that help you convert readers into buyers

  • working hard to make your busy, difficult job easier and less stressful

My commitment seems to be paying off. Take a look at these four testimonials

“I love how John takes the ideas my staff and I give him and turns them into great written content. He has a flair for taking the features of a software product and turning them into very desirable benefits. He is also a pleasure to work with and consistently submits finished projects well ahead of schedule!”
      Nancy Medica, Communications & Marketing Manager, Making Sense Software

“John Rugh is a very talented copywriter with a solid understanding of online marketing strategy. His content is engaging, informative and a pleasure to read, and he goes above and beyond time and time again to deliver great service.”Fernando Florez, Marketing Manager, LanderApp 

In a world filled with B and C players, it’s not often you connect with an A player that takes not only pride in the work he produces, but ownership as well. John works as if he was part of your organization to produce high quality written content in a timely fashion, delivering outstanding customer service. I have given him numerous projects for varying clients, with equally different deliverables.  John comes through with great work product every time.” Nick Cavalancia, Tech Evangelist & Marketing Executive

“John is an incredibly skilled copywriter. He consistently produces content above and beyond our expectations and always in a timely manner. His expertise and dedication have proven to be a valuable asset to our team and I would highly recommend him!”Jory Hutchins, Creative Services Director, HiP B2B

Want great copywriting and content marketing results? The kind of results my happy clients rave about? Results such as increased reader engagement, shorter sales cycles and improved ROI?

Contact me today. Let’s arrange a brief phone visit. Let’s talk about your copywriting and content marketing needs and how I might be able to help you. Let’s see if we think we might work well together. 

While you’re on my site, take a look around. Visit my blog to experience my unique take on copywriting, content marketing and sales. Read my bio page to learn more about me and my commitment to providing outstanding service to my clients. Check out my testimonials page to see what my very happy clients have to say about my services.



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